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Shelter Manager 


The Shelter Manager is a highly motivated, process and procedure-oriented manager committed to the mission, values, goals, and success from Franklin County Animal Rescue. The Shelter Manager provides leadership and oversight to ensure that the shelter is operating as effectively as possible and that animals are cared for optimally.  


The Shelter Manager is responsible for learning, implementing and communicating best practices in animal management and helping to craft a better future for animals and our community. The Shelter Manager works closely with the Shelter Veterinarian to ensure protocols are being followed and care of animals is held to the highest standards, including providing and maintaining a safe, sanitary, humane atmosphere for all the shelter’s animals and employees.  


Responsibilities include: 

  • Ensure the health, cleanliness and safety of animals and the facility. 

  • Make individual animal handling, care, transportation and medical decisions as needed and according to FCAR policy. 

  • Monitor the health of animals and report issues to the shelter veterinarian. Triage urgent situations as needed.  

  • Monitor available space in the shelter and organize/schedule intake appointments. Coordinate third party housing. 

  • Facilitate and implement animal enrichment programs. 

  • Oversee administration of medications/vaccinations as directed and prescribed by the veterinarian and timely med sheet completion.  

  • Oversee and implement ordering of medical supplies and other shelter supplies in partnership with the Operations Manager and within budgetary limitations. Maintain an accurate inventory of medical equipment and supplies. 

  • Assist shelter veterinarian with spay/neuter surgeries and other medical needs.  

  • Facilitate staff training related to animal care and cleaning. 

  • Keep all animal records up to date and ensure timely input into database. 

  • Work with the Executive Director to determine and document appropriate policies and procedures. 

  • Perform regular operational efficacy assessments in partnership with the Executive Director, and design and implement quality improvement plans.  

  • Submit a monthly report to the Executive Director one week prior to board meetings. Attend monthly board meetings. 

  • Manage the medical needs of fosters. 

  • Participate in staff meetings as appropriate. 

  • Monitor and communicate with the public via the shelters phone, social media and email contacts.  

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Volunteer Coordinator


The Volunteer Coordinator supports the growth and success of FCAR programs by developing and nurturing a model volunteer program. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, training, engaging, retaining and communicating with volunteers and finding opportunities to invite the community into the shelter. The Volunteer Coordinator manages events that promote awareness and provides volunteers to help with daily operations.

Job responsibilities are:

• Volunteer Program

• Work with Franklin County Animal Rescue leadership in the assessment of volunteer needs.

• Coordinate and deliver on a regular basis – at least once monthly - volunteer orientation, trainings and other volunteer resources • Identify any and all volunteer opportunities to provide maximum support to grow the volunteer program and serve the needs of Franklin County Animal Rescue.

• Conduct individual volunteer interview and assessments and make appropriate placements depending on skill set and interests • Coordinate, assist with training, and supervise volunteers for animal and adoption care duties

• Ensure all volunteer paperwork and waivers are up to date and relevant 

• Develop and maintain a volunteer database with volunteer contact information, skills and training.

• Facilitate excellent communication between volunteers and staff through email, phone and social media.

• Support staff in each department in identifying and facilitating their department’s volunteers

• Design, facilitate and implement volunteer appreciation methods

• Maintain a clean and welcoming shared space for volunteers

• Coordinate successful events that represent the Franklin County Animal Rescue in the community at appropriate locations

• Coordinate successful and timely completion of all duties identified as volunteer duties

• Field requests for community service hours, group projects, and underage volunteers and make appropriate program matches or referrals.

• Work with the Shelter Manager and Executive Director to determine and document appropriate policies and procedures for the goal of a best practice volunteer program

• Act as a resource for visitors and volunteers regarding pet information.

• Cross-train to be able to fill in other Franklin County Animal Rescue functions.

• Handle last-minute and emergency requests.

TO APPLY: please send your resume and cover letter to

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