Since 1964, Franklin County Animal Rescue (FCAR) has united homeless animals and passionate, caring adopters. We place pets with adopters who we think are the very best match for each other, so when you adopt from FCAR, not only are you supporting our work while making an impact on homeless animals in your community, you are also getting a pet who is the right match for you and your family. Thank you for choosing to adopt!     Please note: If you are planning to adopt a cat, please bring a carrier with you.

Our shelter uses a stream-lined adoption procedure and potential adopters may be approved to adopt on the same day they apply. We do our best to help match cats and dogs with compatible adopters. Adoptions are processed on a first come, first served basis, pending applicant approval. We do not hold animals 


We do not encourage declawing for cats and kittens from FCAR. For more information and tips on alternatives to declawing, please see our resources page.



Tue-Thur:     5pm-6:30pm
Fri:                4pm-6:30pm
Sat:              10:30am-4:30pm
Sun- Mon            CLOSED



Fill out our Adoption Application

You can do that by clicking here. These can be printed and brought in with you or filled out on site. Adopters must be 18 or older. Please bring a valid photo ID with you. 


Meet the pets!

You won't know if a pet is right for you until you get to know them. Stop by the Adoption Center any time during regular open hours to see available cats. Dogs require an appointment. Please call ahead to schedule a meeting with an available dog.  Some adoptable animals may be in third party locations, such as foster care, Petco, Guys Farm & Yard, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

**FAQ page coming soon!


Adopt! Once you have met your match, we'll process the paperwork and give you all of the tools you need to help your pet transition comfortably. We'll also give you a packet of resources, coupons, and goodies to take home with you!

  -Cats that are recovered for spaying/neutering can go home the same day. 

  - Dogs require pre-scheduled interview and two meetings on separate days


Still wondering if you're ready to adopt? Here are some tips on adopting the right cat for you: click here. Here are some things to consider before adopting a dog: click here.

Please feel free to call 524-9650 or email

ADOPTION FEES: *subject to change with special cases 

Kittens                               $175

Under 1 year

Adults                                $100

Seniors                              $30


Feline adoptions include:

- Spay/neuter

- Health exam

- FIV testing

- Leukemia testing

- De-worming

- Distemper vaccination

- Rabies vaccination

- Flea & tick treatment

- Nail trim

- VVMA Complimentary

Physical Exam

- Pet profile & medical

history booklet

- Resources

Puppies (-5 months)         $400

Youth (6 mon- 1 yr)         $350

Small Breed                     $375

Adults                               $250

Seniors                             $100


Canine adoptions include:

- Spay/neuter

- Health exam

- Heartworm test

- De-worming

- Distemper vaccination

- Kennel Cough Vacc.

- Bordetella Vaccination

- Rabies vaccination

-  In shelter Flea & tick treatment

- Nail trim

- Microchip

- VVMA Complimentary

Physical Exam

- Pet profile & medical

history booklet, Resources


Black text: - done while at shelter

Blue Text: -Adopter Brings home