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VSNIP Program

VSNIP (Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program)

Created in 2006, the Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program (VSNIP) enables income eligible people that provide care for cats and dogs to receive financial assistance in which to have these animals neutered and vaccinated. 

Vermont has a surplus animal population that forces the euthanasia of otherwise healthy, adoptable companion animals. According to the latest available statistics, nearly 3,000 animals were euthanized in one year, due in part to this problematic situation. 

Recognizing that the price of sterilization surgery is cost prohibitive for low-income households, a legislative solution was sought. A plan similar to the successful assistance program of New Hampshire, in which humane shelters recognized a 75% drop in their euthanasia rate after ten years of their state assistance program`s operation, was drafted in Vermont. It passed the legislature with overwhelming support from humane societies, veterinarians, and voters. VSNIP currently has 80 points of service statewide participating in the program. 

VSNIP vouchers let income-eligible Vermonters get their pets spayed or neutered for $27 at participating vets.

If you receive any of the following forms of assistance, you may be eligible for a VSNIP voucher. 
~ 3 Squares VT (Food Stamps)
~ Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
~ TANF: Reach Up, Reach First, Reach Ahead, PSE
~ Fuel Assistance
~ Medicaid/VHAP
~ Essential Person
~ Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
~ Section 8 Rental Assistance
*Note: Dr. Dynasaur, CHAP, Social Security and Medicare DO NOT automatically qualify you. 

Important Reminder 

VSNIP has limited funds which are intended to help Vermonters statewide. Please do not misuse this service - it is not intended to be a continuing assistance program. There are limitations on the use of this program, however, we do encourage you to address all unsterilized cats and dogs in your current care. Leaving just one animal unsterilized will create a population problem very quickly and negate the purpose of this assistance. Your ability to end the problem is at hand and you have the opportunity to fix the situation once and for all! 

It is very Important that you... 

1. Keep your appointment. Once an appointment has been reserved for your animal, it is important to keep it. It is not fair to ask the office to reserve a spot for your animal then not have it used. It is possible that you will not be welcome to reschedule. Be sure to call the office immediately if an emergency occurs, preventing you from keeping your appointment. 

2. Be on time for drop off and pick up and remember to bring your two part voucher and $27.00 co-pay (per animal) if the office has not already collected it. 

3.Talk with the office about procedures that are "optional" - and up to you to accept or decline before you leave your animal for surgery. It is up to each office to let you know what these procedures are and what the fees would be for them before the surgery. 

Included in VSNIP is the cost of the entire surgical procedure, including the exam, surgery, maintenance, anesthesia, peri-operative pain medication (medication given during the surgery), overnight stay if indicated, discharge of your animal and the removal of sutures (if applicable) and one series of distemper and rabies vaccination.

Not included is post operative pain medication (to go home with), or fees associated with surgical complications if your animal is in heat or pregnant. Ask about these costs when you make your appointment and bring this sheet with you. 

Examples of optional procedures: Pre-anesthesia blood work, Pain medicine (to go home with after the surgery), De-worming, Heart worm/FIV/Leukemia test, De-fleaing, De-worming, and Microchip. 

If an office requires that you have any of these procedures and you decide not to, you can call another office for your appointment. 

If you have any questions or feedback, please call the VSNIP office at 1 (877) 867-1424.  


To receive an application for assistance call or 855-47-VSNIP (855-478-7647) or use the link below to download an application. 


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