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Lost and Found Animals

*** Urgent - If you have lost a cat and you live within 1.5 miles of the shelter, please leave a message on (802) 524-9650 with a description of your animal.  Due to a police mandate in early April 2017 FCAR was forced to quickly relocate 30 outdoor cats to prevent them being euthanized. Some domestic cats may be in the group which is being held at the shelter.  Please leave a message and we will return your call. ***


If you are looking for a lost pet, we recommend you: 

  • + ask your neighbors to check their garages, vehicles and other spaces where pets might wander and get trapped;
  • + contact your local police station and animal control officer;
  • + post a photo on the FCAR Facebook page and on;
  • + post a notice to the lost and found section of Craigslist; 
  • + put up posters with photographs for a mile surrounding where the pet was lost; and
  • + contact the Chittenden County Humane Society, which is accepting Franklin County strays, at 862-0135. 

If your pet has a tag or microchip, also be sure to contact your vet's office. 


If you have a stray in your possession and are unable to care for it, please contact the Chittenden County Humane Society at 862-0135. 

If you see an animal in distress, alone and appearing lost, or the victim of abuse, please contact the Animal Control Officer (ACO) or Town Clerk in your community using the list below.

Please note the following updates as of September 1, 2016:

 Alburgh - Jen Hebert - 796-3026

Highgate - Vonnie Lamotte - 868-4585, 782-3974 Alt. - Kristy Brow - 868-0433

Sheldon - Rachel Kane - 370-8364

Swanton - Derek Biladeau - 318-3714

What is the connection between

Franklin County Animal Rescue and Franklin County towns/cities?

Franklin County Animal Rescue is a privately funded 501(C) 3 non-profit animal shelter. We do NOT receive government (local*, state or federal) funding or funding from the ASPCA or Humane Society of the United States. 

We are NOT a “pound”.

One of the many services we provide is to offer each town in Franklin County (as well as the Islands) a contract that allows them to bring in stray animals…cats and dogs…for a nominal fee that helps cover a small portion of the costs associated with housing, feeding, vetting and adopting the animal.

Not all towns choose to make use of this service. The table above shows which town’s contract with us and for which animals.

Towns with contracts are given priority to space (cages/kennels) in our facility. Therefore, when our cages are full, we will not…because we PHYSICALLY CAN NOT, accept strays from towns that do not have a contract with us or from private surrenders.

For the towns that do choose to utilize this service, we provide housing for the animal with a holding period of 5 days for stray cats and dogs. After 5 days the animal becomes the property of FCAR. If an owner comes forward within the 5 days, the town is NOT charged and the cost is deferred to the owner.

Per our contract with the specified towns, we cannot release an animal to its owner until the owner has fulfilled its obligation to that town. This may include fines, registering of the animal with the town clerk and proof of the rabies vaccination.

If you have lost your dog and are coming to the shelter to pick them up…make sure you have approval from the animal control officer and bring proof of your current rabies vaccination! (Tags are not accepted on collars) or a current dog licensing agreement with rabies information on it.

*Thanks to the votes of the constituents in the following towns, last fiscal year, the following towns allocated funds to help assist Franklin County Animal Rescue in its mission. The total allocated represents approximately .03% of our yearly expenses, and we are very appreciative for these allocations.

Fairfield, Saint Albans Town, Franklin, Sheldon, Georgia, Bakersfield, Alburgh, Richford, Swanton

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