Franklin County Animal Rescue

Saving Cats & Dogs since 1964

Annual Gift Campaign

Any Amount = Animal Lover

Whatever amount you are able to give or raise, we recognize that you care and thank you for supporting homeless animals at your local shelter as strongly as you can!

Annual Gift Options
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$25 - Member
This is the basic amount that makes you a one-year member of FCAR. (We do offer discounted memberships for seniors, kids, and teens - please ask for more details!) This is the basic amount that makes you a one-year meber of FCAR. (We do offer discounted memberships for seniors, kids, and teens - please ask for more details!)
 $52 - Pet Pal
 $4.50/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above
 $102 - Best Friend
 $8.50/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above
 $500 - Benefactor
 $41.67/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above
 $1000 - Top Cat
 $83.34/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above
 $2500 - Big Dog
 $208.34/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above
 $5000 - Animal Champion
 $416.67/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above
 $10,000 or more - Best in Show
 $1000/month - Click on the "Subscribe button" above

Thank you and welcome!

Regardless of how much you give, we count the first $25 of your donation towards your annual membership, so that any donation of $25 or more makes you a voting member of FCAR for a full year following your latest donation. Because there are no tangible membership benefits, you can still deduct the full amount from your taxes, and this way we'll keep you informed of our annual meeting and other important happenings. Donors of $10,000 or more can qualify for a lifetime membership.  Opt our of membership any time by writing a note on your check or emailing us.)

Shelter Heroes

Since 1964, Franklin County Animal Rescue (also known as Franklin County Humane Society) has provided temporary shelter, food and medical care for cats and dogs in Northwestern Vermont. After two decades in the 30 Sunset Meadow location, the current structure has become inadequate and outdated for FCAR's current needs. With your help, we can build a better future for the animals of Franklin County.

Make a special gift in summer 2017 to upgrade the shelter and you will be recognized with your name on our Shelter Heroes Wall. You can also give in memory or honor of a loved one (including pets) and we will include their names. If you previously gave toward upgrades at either building, your message is already included, but we're happy to include additional content or names if you would like to give again.

We are extremely grateful for your continued support and generosity to FCAR and the animals we care for.


Kelly A. Frederick, Transition Manager

Critter Comfort - $100

Kennel Mate - $500

Cat Condo Sponsor - $1000

Dog Dorm Sponsor - $1000

Shelter Sponsor - $3000

Shelter Champion - 
       $5000                              Above

Would you rather mail in a donation???   

Download the Shelter Heroes Donation Form

In return for your generous gift, all donors will receive a listing on the sponsorship page of the new FCAR website, acknowledgment in the FCAR newsletter, and a listing in all Shelter Heroes promotional materials. Every donor of $100 or more will receive name recognition on a plaque. When making your donation through PayPal using the buttons above, you will be asked what you would like printed on your plaque. For all plaques, there is a 3 line limit with 20 characters per line, including spaces.  

All donations qualify the donor for an FCAR membership.