Sabrina Sabrina Sabrina - Autobiography Hi, I was adopted from FCHS 9 years ago. I had 3 kittens that were abopted before me. I was 6 months old and needed a family too. I"m so happy to have found a good home. I was happy and healthy. I got really sick recently. I don't know why but the doctor said it was this was because of cancer. As much as I love my Mama and mate Elvis..I couldn't stop the cancer. I'm an angel kitty now. I'm still watching over all the happy kitties in the world. Life was great...clouds are beautiful....xxxx000 166625320 Sabrina What to do? 166625321 The Diva When I walked into a room ...I arrived. 166625322 Laundry Day Awee...nice clean towels... 166625323 I see you! Sugar and spice. 166625324